About the Athletic Club

Athletic Club Meeting Information:

The organization shall hold eleven (11) meetings a year. One each month, except July, on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 p.m. In an emergency situation, the President shall have the authority to change the meeting date, or time or call a special meeting.

The Mission Statement:

The mission of this organization shall be an association of persons interested in the youth athletic and academic programs of St. Therese School and Parish; to support and cooperate in a Christian-like manner while maintaining all youth, athletic and academic functions of said school and parish.

St. Therese Athletic Club By-Laws (adopted May 10, 2016):

We operate according to these by-laws. Click to view by-laws.


2018-2019 Athletic Board Members:
President: Joe Hoffstedder


Vice President: Adam Ruschman:
(859) 628-8304‬


Secretary: TJ Himmelsbach
‭(859) 250-2445‬


Treasurer: Lou Kohler
‭(859) 866-5101‬


St. Therese Gym Coordinator: Justin Bramel

- jhbramel@gmail.com  859-547-7209

Do you need to reserve a time in the St. Therese School gym, or just view the gym calendar?

Click to open up the gym calendar and view the available times for your activity. If you want to reserve a time, contact Justin Bramel by email or phone (859-547-7209).  You can't use the gym without contacting Justin first.

Uniform & Sports Equipment Coordinator:  Kim Hart - Hartmom31@gmail.com  859-640-2701

Boys Basketball Coordinator:  open role

Girl Basketball Coordinator:   open role

Volleyball Coordinator:  Melissa Quandt - melwagner9@yahoo.com  859-240-2784

Cross Country Coordinator:  Amy Ford - mcfordnurse@gmail.com  859-760-5316

Golf Coordinator: Brian White - Brian.White@FMR.COM  859-803-6386

Spirit Squad/ Cheerleading Coordinator:  open role

Soccer Coordinator:  Tereasa Eckert - teresa@eckertwelding.com   1-513-383-0155

Sports Awards Coordinator:  Marlene Watson - wwatson2428@gmail.com  859-468-4135

Website and SI Play Administrator: Jason Martin - martinjlmartin@gmail.com 859-409-9570


Adopted May 7, 2014    

  1. Each member of the eighth grade must have been a member in “good standing”the last three years. Refer to Article III, Membership, for detailed definition of “member” and “good standing”.
  2. Each player must have maintained a “C” average for the eighth grade.
  3. Only one stipend per student-athlete may be awarded from the St. Therese Athletic Club.  Being awarded a stipend from the St. Therese Athletic Club does not preclude a student-athlete from receiving a stipend from another funding group.
  4. The player awarded must attend a Catholic High School.
  5. All Club obligations must be paid prior to graduation.
  6. The award’s chairman shall head the committee to make the appropriate recommendations to the Principal.
  7. The St. Therese Athletic Club will award four $250.00 scholarships. Should there not be enough qualified candidates the Club will have the option to issue to a High School in their name.



  1. Three (3) years Full members in “Good Standing” – (Work three functions per year and attend three meetings per year). Membership MUST be paid by October 31st of each year.
  2. Cannot play against St. Therese teams, beginning the start of your 6th, 7th and 8th grade years – (look at individual cases).
  3. A student of St. Therese for the entire 6th, 7th and 8th grade years can only receive one (1) award from St. Therese.
  4. All St. Therese obligations and fees must be paid before graduation.

Students must meet all requirements as above.  There shall be no 8th grade parent(s) on the Awards Committee.  The Committee will turn the names over to the principal  by May 1st.  The principal  needs to go over the list for “C” average.  If students have been in the school for three (3) years, are attending a Catholic High School, and all obligations and fees are paid, then the principal   will pick a name out of a hat from the remaining names for the awards.

The principal needs to keep the names of the winners out of all the remaining scholarship drawings.

The current records of the Vice-President will be the records that are used to verify the eligibility of the awards.

The Saint Therese Athletic Club will award four (4) scholarships in the amount of $250.00 each.